Arm Wrestlers and Falling Boxes

Here’s avideo of one of the many fun, fun, fun events during the recently concluded KomiKon Summer Fiesta 2009, held at the UP Bahay ng Alumni. For this contest, the emcees called in 8 male participants for the Arm Wrestling Competition. The prize? Free tickets to the best theme park in the Philippines: Enchanted Kingdom!

aLpmobs and charmz kept on bugging me to join!  But hell! If it wasn’t for my still healing arm injury, I’m I would’ve kicked their ass! Just kidding. The injury part is true though… T_T

And yes, the part about the guy giving something to the pretty emcee just before he left was true! The girl was actually surprised about it and it was apparently obvious by her reaction. Too bad I wasn’t able to film it! It would’ve been priceless!

About the falling box title, I bet this would never happen to anyone else in the universe. Ever.

Here’s what happened:

I was walking along the street to quickly get to the Jeepney stop near our place. Apparently, two huge  Garbage trucks were in the way so obviously, I tried avoiding them. The smell! LOL!

Passing by the first truck was no problem, just walking along it’s right side. Since the next truck was just to the right of the one I just passed, I naturally veered toward the left. Just as I passed the huge stinking (literally) hatch, just after a couple of steps…

A huge flat screen tv carton box fell.

It was just like this, only stinkier.

It was just like this, only stinkier.

And I thought my life was so boring… ^_^

You’re still Alive? Awww…
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