Blog Redesign etc.. is no more!  Please welcome Karamel LENS!

I will be updating this site within the next few days and expect things to become bigger and better!

Hopefully, I’ll be posting better pictures than before and try to share my experiences with you guys as I work as a Nurse Medic at the middle of the Rub’ Al Khali desert in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Keep posted!


Just Got New Kicks- Supra Skytop Silver!

We just proclaimed the 15th President of the Philippines a few hours ago and the whole country is celebrating this momentous event. President Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III,the youngest ever to assume the post,  will bear all the hopes and dreams of all the Filipinos for the next 6 years. And what better timing to go out and get new kicks- The Supra Skytop Silver!

I originally wanted to get a Nike Air Force 1 High Top in All White but after seeing these pair of  Supra’s, I just can’t take my eyes off it! The laces that came with it didn’t excite me at all so I  replace it with a white one with gold threads, just to pimp it a little bit.  Yes, yes, I will take photos of my new pair by Friday. I just really hope the rain lets up so I can shoot outside.

Now, if I can just find a nice pair of pants to rock this look…. Wish me luck!

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When Dusk Breaks…

The last shot I took before we headed out for dinner. I fiddled with the camera's settings and this came out. And even after the post-production, I decided not to alter anything in this photo.

I rushed outside to take a photo of the spectacular sunset in Boracay. I nearly tripped over a couple of tourists just to take this one. It was well worth the trouble.

This was taken during the last day of our vacation in Boracay. I can't find the original file for this shot causing this one to look a little grainy. Check out my sister's shot of me on my other album.

My cousin Carlo and his fiance Bon asked me to take this photo at the Looc Bay. I took three shots, this one being the first because I thought it was a mistake. Carlo ended up liking it though.

I SOOOO Missed Blogging!

Or writing for that matter. =P

It has been X (put a random number here) months since I last wrote anything and I’m re-evaluating things if I can continue doing this (again).  It has already escaped me why I stopped writing and when people ask me why I did, I literally blank out and just blurt out random stuff like: “I’m busy.” “I have bad internet. LAG!!” or just “I’m too tired to write na.” Nowadays, I just stick with “I’m busy“. (I think it just sounded cooler, though pathetic at the same time.)

What I look nowadays. =P

While cleaning/updating my Facebook page, I sort of noticed all the links I’ve posted and wondered what happened to my “lost boys.” This was the first I one I checked out. Then it all came back to me: the hard work I’ve put into designing my own icons (the link icons on the right); my header (which I think now is awful) ; the events I covered just to churn out good reads for you guys and just simply the plain joys of writing.

I’m not into cubing anymore . (I still average around 20+ seconds on a good day) So I bet I can still kick your ass any day. Just kidding! I still watch a ton of movies, listen a broader range of music (I’m so loving dance music right now!) , watching new shows (Glee and Hitman Reborn!); and travel a lot. I haven’t posted any new vidoes on my YouTube Channel. Though I’m planning to do so in the near future. I’m also currently trying to relearn the guitar. Why? Hmmm… It’s quite a long story and I’ll probably answer that as soon as I upload a song online. Maybe I’ll also post pics of my last adventure in the upcoming days. Who knows?

That’s all for now, gotta rest. (I was also out sick today.)

Thanks for reading! See yah around.

World Rubik’s Cube Championship 2009 Results

Breandan Vallance won the World Rubik’s Cube Championship 2009 with an average of 10.74 seconds. Erik Akkersdijk finished second (11.52) and Tomasz Zolnowski finished third (11.64).

World records:

Dan Cohen 4×4 36.46 (single), Yumu Tabuchi Rubik’s Cube One-handed 16.90 (average), Michal Halczuk 7×7 3:43.15 (single), Piotr Michal Padlewski Square-1 10.96 (single), Bálint Bodor Megaminx 57.94 (single).

Asian records:

Yumu Tabuchi Rubik’s Cube Fewest moves 29 (single), 4×4 blindfolded 8:41.85 (single), Ryosuke Mondo 5×5 blindfolded 26:30.00 (single).

European records:

Erik Akkersdijk 4×4 39.43 (single), Michal Halczuk 7×7 4:01.23 (average), Piotr Michal Padlewski Square-1 15.21 (average), Rafal Guzewicz 5×5 blindfolded 15:43.00 (single).

North American records:

Dan Cohen 4×4 46.94 (average), Megaminx 1:20.34 (single) 1:27.30 (average), Timothy Sun Rubik’s Cube with feet 58.38 (single).

South American records:

Pedro Santos Guimarães 4×4 53.30 (single) 1:07.85 (average), Rubik’s Cube One-handed 18.27 (single), Megaminx 1:35.77 (average), 4×4 blindfolded 13:09.00 (single), Renan Mondini Cerpe 2×2 3.33 (single).

While our very own Durben Joun Virtucio won 2nd Place in the 4×4 Event, beating World Record Holder Erik Akkerdijk!

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Komikon 2009

Megatrade Hall, 5th Level, Bldg. B, SM Megamall October 18, 2009, 10am-9pm, Sunday Entrance Fee: P80.00

It’s going to be a huge Komiks Typhoon at the Komikon 2009 and it’s all for a good cause! According to the official site:

Ondoy has left a lot of fellow artists with almost nothing – their homes submerged in flood water. There’s Melvin Calingo, Carlo Vergara, Gilbert Monsanto, Jay David Ramos who lost everything. Rico Rival, Danny Acuña, Jun Lofamia, Clem Rivera, Noly Zamora and Steve Gan.

Gerry Alanguilan brought to us his idea to help.

Mr. Alanguilan will be auctioning original artworks at the KOMIKON 2009. All proceeds shall be distributed to the artists affected by Ondoy.


We encourage other artists who have artworks or other items they would like to auction during the event, please email us at and let us know if you wish to contribute to this cause.


We shall be accepting donations in cash or kind as well at the KOMIKON table if anyone is able and willing to help our fellow artists.

We hope that everyone who will attend KOMIKON 2009 will participate in this cause!

So what are you waiting for? Gear up for one smashing helluva time while helping out our fellow countrymen. See you there!

For more details, please visit or

Tell me what you think!

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New Timer Malfunction Rule

In light of my previous post regarding the new Rubik’s Cube Average World Record made by Polish cuber Tomasz Zolnowski, the World Cube Association (WCA) posted new regulations addressing  the problems encountered during the Polish Open 2009.

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