New Rubik’s Cube World Record Average : 10.07 Seconds!

Tomasz Zolnowski, a speedcuber from Poland, broke his own World Record Average in solving the Rubik’s Cube in just 10.07 seconds.  This astonishing feat was accomplished during the Polish Open 2009 in Pabianice, Poland.  Beating his own record by just 56 milliseconds and winning the recently concluded Wroclaw Open with a best time of 9.63 seconds and an average of 11.96 seconds, he is leading the pack along with world record holder Erik Akkersdijk in the world of speedcubing.

Taken from Erik’s YouTube account frk17 , here’s the complete video description:

[timer malfunction]
[timer malfunction]
Tomasz Zolnowski doing the 10.07 world record average during the Polish Open 2009 in Pabianice Poland.

I filmed with Arnaud’s cell phone.
Congrats Zaba! You are an inspiration.

This video also caused quite a buzz over at the forums regarding the “faulty timer” and the inconvenience it caused. Read all about it here.

So what do you think? Was it faulty timers? Accidentally touching the pads? Or it doesn’t matter at all since that average is crazy?! Tell me what you think!

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