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Featured here are speedsolving videos I’ve done in the past and some more recent ones that will provide a more “visual” representation on how a speedsolver/speedcuber progresses as time goes by.. Of course, nothing beats practice more than ever, and it’s really up to you how fast you wanna get. As of today, June 19, I’m averaging around 21 seconds and I’m aiming for an average of sub 20 seconds. . It means that I have to finish learning the remaining OLL’s (23/57) next.

That was my first cubing video I made, way back in November. You could see the obvious lock-ups and inexperience at handling peculiar cases. Note that I literally stopped cubing after I uploaded this (11-12-08).

Since I wasn’t cubing anymore and an Original Rubik’s Magic was finally available in Manila, I decided to get one (pricey at 55o bucks). The first day I got this puzzle, I was very careful becuase I heard it was very difficult to get hold of replacement strings at that time. The second day, I searched trusty YouTube for methods how to speedsolve this one. With only a handful of tutorials, studied two methods and I’m sorry because I forgot whose method I stuck with. So at the third day, I wanted to document how fast I learned and actually went on to become much faster on the succeeding days. (Didn’t shoot it though.)

Last January 21, I posted this video how I solve the Rubik’s Clock. The original idea was to show the slow method then followed by a really fast solve. Unfortunately, my battery died out on me and only the first half saw the light of day.

This is what you get when you consistently(?) practice at least nearly an hour a day and nearly nailing all the PLL’s (4 left) and knowing at  least a quarter of the OLL’s. At least I got a sub30 average on this video but I average much faster off- cam.

It’s Mother’s Day and there’s no better way to celebrate it than swimming! I can’t resist the urge to solve one underwater! (though I wasn’t fully submerged) NO Snorkeling Gear, NO Goggles. Just balls… Err… I mean cubes. NOTE: I used a Type A DIY that I wasn’t using. Shot on location at the La Mesa Ecopark.

Song Used:
The Wake Up Song by The Submarines

Ryan Gerard Mabeza's YouTube Channel

More videos to come!


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