I SOOOO Missed Blogging!

Or writing for that matter. =P

It has been X (put a random number here) months since I last wrote anything and I’m re-evaluating things if I can continue doing this (again).  It has already escaped me why I stopped writing and when people ask me why I did, I literally blank out and just blurt out random stuff like: “I’m busy.” “I have bad internet. LAG!!” or just “I’m too tired to write na.” Nowadays, I just stick with “I’m busy“. (I think it just sounded cooler, though pathetic at the same time.)

What I look nowadays. =P

While cleaning/updating my Facebook page, I sort of noticed all the links I’ve posted and wondered what happened to my “lost boys.” This was the first I one I checked out. Then it all came back to me: the hard work I’ve put into designing my own icons (the link icons on the right); my header (which I think now is awful) ; the events I covered just to churn out good reads for you guys and just simply the plain joys of writing.

I’m not into cubing anymore . (I still average around 20+ seconds on a good day) So I bet I can still kick your ass any day. Just kidding! I still watch a ton of movies, listen a broader range of music (I’m so loving dance music right now!) , watching new shows (Glee and Hitman Reborn!); and travel a lot. I haven’t posted any new vidoes on my YouTube Channel. Though I’m planning to do so in the near future. I’m also currently trying to relearn the guitar. Why? Hmmm… It’s quite a long story and I’ll probably answer that as soon as I upload a song online. Maybe I’ll also post pics of my last adventure in the upcoming days. Who knows?

That’s all for now, gotta rest. (I was also out sick today.)

Thanks for reading! See yah around.


2 responses

  1. really nice post, i read it all its good informative knowledge 🙂

    June 13, 2010 at 2:57 PM

  2. mj

    uy rai glad you’re back… 🙂

    October 12, 2010 at 6:44 PM

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