cube review: black DIY type D cube

I was drooling over this cube for the past few months now but the problem was, it suddenly became rare in Philippine soil. Back around October last year, rumors spread that a new cube from China was available around the Metro, sold in Ziplok bags, unaassembled! Word spread fast, selling at around 100-150 Pesos and before I could get hold of one, it was all sold out. Back then, since it was allegedly smuggled, it was aptly named UDIY or Unknown DIY. (But some called it Yuga for unknown reasons.)

Fast forward a few weeks, someone discovered that if you pop open one of the corner caps, you will see an inscription that reads “Yongjun.” Of course, our ever resourceful Pinoy cubers lurked around the internet for quite sometime before they could find the answer. Turns out, it was manufactured by Yongjung Plastic Products Factory, a Chinese Toy Company (surprised? not.) and according to, it was DIY Type D. Boom! (According to this poll, it should be called Type D cube. But its easier to say Yuga right?)

Speed times two, frustrated because I was unable to get one, I contented myself with FC (Funtastic Cube) by CubeMan. It was also cheap (Review coming soon!) and good enough for speedcubing but I have a problem with the plastic itself. One side of an edge piece was uneven, probably due to the cooling of the cast piece, it looked like it “sunk in”.

Finally, a month ago, I found a second-hand seller in the old philippinespeedcubers forum. He sold me this cube for about a hundred fifty bucks, unstickered, lubed but not yet sanded. Also already assembled, thus, it was not a true DIY. But nonetheless, you also can pop the center caps and adjust the tension.  I tested it and I was not disappointed! It turns like crazy!

After doing proper set-up, here are the results:


  • very smooth
  • good cutting corner ability
  • a very good speedcube
  • reacts well to Silicone
  • very cheap
  • rarely pops (this one only pops during scrambles! lol)


  • cutting corner ability greatly reduced on tight  tension
  • the springs sucked, very uhmmm.. thin and loose?
  • sort of rare nowadays in the Philippines

Over-all Score:

I guess this one had the “bad” new core. It originally  had the Gray Core depicted in the White DIY in the previous post and for some strange reason, it was too loose even on a tight setting. I opened the center cap and unscrewed it, and I was surprised to find out that the springs are out of whack. Looks like someone messed with it. It looks deformed as if it has been compressed and stretched. Darn!

So I just swapped the core+screws+springs and center pieces of the white one with this cube. (I liked the tension I’ve set with the white DIY so it’s practical that I don’t disassemble it all over again, and possibly mess it up.) Hence, the White Center Pieces and Black Outer Pieces Type D combo. Not a really hybrid though since both cubes used were both Type D.

Oh! And I also used an Edge piece from my Type A cube, because one piece kept popping like crazy and I found out that it was smaller compared to the other edges. (Darn second-hand problems) I don’t blame the person I got it from though, I’m still lucky to get hold of this amazing cube.


Just like the other Type D’s:

If you can still find it, buy it. It’s a great addition to your ever growing collection of cubes. Awesome cube, I get very nice averages with it since I made this my main cube. Try it out! Highly recommended.

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