new cubing personal best

I went to the mall to meet with some friends and to cube a little as well. You see, I wasn’t practicing that much since the start of February because my mom was sick of the sound my cube was making when I was scrambling it. Plus, I also acquired a new cube from a friend from the pinoyspeedcubers forum, a black Yuga (Type D) cube. It took me a while before I got used to it because it turns very, very  smoothly compared to my old FC cube, resulting to frequent lock-ups in my solves. The Yuga cube had about 4 “versions” before I got satisfied with the feel of it. I will post the modifications I made since it has become a hybrid of sorts in the upcoming days.

Anyway, I solved a few times after having a snack in KFC with a couple of friends. Luckily, I brought my timer with me and I was surprised that I achieved a new PB (personal best) on my first solve! Here are some screenshots:

woohoo! first sub 23

woohoo! first sub 23

still need to learn the last 4 PLL's

still need to learn the last 4 PLL's

The average of five solves= 26.48. I hope I could continue on cubing since I’m getting too busy with blogging and watching movies during my free time. I’m planning to acquire a new Megaminx, hoping that it would spark my interest to become more focused on cubing since summertime spells cubing competitions in the Philippines. I have no plans on entering, though I would be surely there to cover the event.

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