rude awakening

No, it's not my room.

Last night, I turned over to my other side and I looked at my phone beside me. I touched it, glowing softly and it showed 3:43 AM. Darn. It’s too early, I thought. So I went back to sleep, this time, shifting to my other side and I was facing my bedroom wall now. I was so sleepy, planning to sleep till afternoon.

As soon as I faced the other way, (about a few seconds) it felt like someone stepped on my bed (it was an airbed). The bed was low on air and the side I was sleeping on was very low because all of my weight on one side. The side I was sleeping on suddenly lifted/ elevated!

I was immediately paralyzed by fear and was unable to move. Seriously. Thoughts raced my mind: was this a burglar? was someone going to stab me? Shit! This “thing” wasn’t moving as well! It took me about a couple of seconds just to be to move my fingers. When I was sure that I can move, I quickly turned around and punched the area the supposed person was positioned.

I punched air.

I scrambled to get my phone to light up my room at least but he weird thing was, it was now asking for my security code. (The first time I remembered touching it, it automatically told me the time, it takes 2 mins. for the automatic screen lock to kick in.) I made a mistake inputing the first code and took a second try for it to unlock. Now it displayed 1:47 AM.

Weird, I thought.

I flashed my phone around the room but no one was there. My brother wasn’t even home yet. (We’re room-mates.) I grabbed a nearby rosary, wrapped it around my hand and scrambled for the door. It was perfectly closed, just like I left it. My cat was even startled when I opened it as she was sleeping just outside my door.

As I was a few steps away from my door, the wind chimes hanging on my mom’s door frame suddenly clanged loudly. As if someone passed through… I quickly followed “it.” Nothing.

My older was sleeping outside my mom’s room, snoring away. He even left our computer on downloading something.. I shined the faintly glowing light of my phone on my brother and mom’s faces but they were really sleeping. Being a skeptic myself, I stayed in front of mom’s room just to see if the chimes just clang from time to time because of the electric fan. I stayed there for about 30 mins. and my heart was still racing.

It didn’t make a sound at all.


My brother arrived about 30 mins.  after the incident and told him what happened. He wasn’t surprised at all. Scared maybe, but not surprised. Darn. It’s happening all over again… Too bad I didn’t get to see it this time or I could’ve beaten the crap out of it. (I’ll try at least.)

Yeah, I’m an effing freak. So what?

Oh and yes, I pray before going to sleep. But sometimes, it’s not enough…

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