Rubik’s Mirror Blocks

Alien goodness!

Alien goodness!

The Rubik’s Mirror Blocks aka Hidetoshi Takeji’s Bump Cube is the star for today’s cube review! With the same size and number of pieces with the Classic 3×3 Cube, it presents a much harder challenge of reverting it to it’s solved state. Why? Check this out:

The inventor of the equally awesome Void Cube made this puzzle more challenging by removing the different colored stickers on it six sides, replaced it with a single shiny surface and cut the pieces into different sizes! It looks and feels the same as our beloved Rubik’s Cube but way cooler (and more confusing)! Awesome!

I bet Hidetoshi Takeji is a time traveller from the future and this is his gift to mankind! (Also the Void cube!) Shiny and silver, it looks very futuristic and confusing as hell! Personally, it took me just a few minutes to get used to and solved this abomination in about over a minute. However, it was curiously difficult for people who solves the regular cube in over a minute. (I solve the cube under 25 seconds.)  Interesting…

It has the same solution as a regular Rubik’s Cube but with an additional “spatial” difficulty. (With spatial intelligence defined as:  the ability to think in three dimensions.) People with under-developed spatial intelligence tend to depend too much with the colors on the cube and have a hard time getting their head around a different approach or perspective in solving this puzzle.

Nevertheless, it’s a very good gift for kids and adults alike whose into these kind of things. It might be very geeky, however it very, very cool as well!

Awesome review? Hell yeah!

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