Trooper Entry Log: Orbiting the Moons of Despair

Earth Time: 1100 Hrs

Orbiting the Moons of Despair

RGM-100 Medics Specialist/ 501st Battalion

More than 37 days has elapsed since I, RGM-100 Medics Specialist of the 501st Battalion, decided to abandon my training in the Academy to pursue my true heart’s desire. For the past 5 weeks, I am alone in my cruiser ship with only provisions being sent every end to the week, enough to keep me nourished as the days go by.

According to the latest computations, I currently have an average of 1.5 job applications per week with roughly 4 interviews every 5 days, excluding Saturdays and Sundays of course. I passed all the pre-employment exams they have thrown at me, got the highest scores possible for any human and reached the final interview phase on all occasions. I have yet to receive any word yet from the Human Resources Department from those companies, however I somehow sense that I won’t be receiving one anytime soon.  Applying voice pattern analysis algorithms and past encounters of their kind, readings suggest that they are quite hesitant to employ a trooper with my credentials because of the high attrition rates generated by my comrades of the same affiliation. They fear that I will be just using their company in achieving my own personal gain, leaving the enterprise as soon as better opportunities arise.

I am quite alarmed and aware of this fact and I’m worried that this job hunting task I’ve set upon myself will take longer than expected. Alas, I am still positive that I will be able to land a job and company worthy of my job ethics, intellect and passion in the (hopefully) near future. What they did not include in their computations is the human variable embedded withing my DNA.  I am hot-wired down to the cellular level to do my hardest to be loyal and grow within the company.  IF, and only IF they give me the chance to showcase my skills and talents.

RGM-100 out.


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