mrt machine mishap

Nothing much happened today… Got stuck in traffic, endured the scorching sun and got stuck on an MRT thingy. (Dunno what it’s called. A card reader, I guess.)

Yes, I got stuck on one of this things.

And no, it wasn’t because I was so fat that I couldn’t make my bursting pants go through the thing. But I guess that would be a pretty funny scene huh? :p

So here’s what happened, I got down the MRT and proceeded to the Devil’s Gate a.k.a. MRT ticket thingy (Please, enlighten me!), got in line, and waited my turn. It was on the Ayala Station (the 10th Station, I guess) about the Fifth “ticket terminal” from the left.

It was my turn: I pulled out the ticket from my right-hand pocket, slid it in the machine, and presto! (I bumped the bar using my pelvis.)

Nothing happened.

I nudged it again.


I pushed it, once more.

(Ayaw nga!)

I removed my sun glasses and stooped to see if the Green Light was still on.

It wasn’t. (Not even a Red X.)

The passengers following me said, “Ay! Namatay!” / “Oh! It turned off!”

Looking immediately to my right, a brawny-looking 50’s something guy told me, “Punta ka dun!” / “Go there!”. Pointing towards the guards. As if it wasn’t humiliating enough. Darn.

I went to the guard and explained what happened. He asked me what particular “terminal” it happened. I told him it was the one sandwiched between the two working ones. He was nice enough to let me through the “other exit.”

That was about it. Nothing weird or cool happened after. (I didn’t cube on the train this time. Rawr!)

Oh, and one more thing, I took the bus on the way home.

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