Seeing you in my Dreams

I’m just glad to see her happy, whenever I accidentally see her around. But I think it has been months since I last saw her, at the side of the road, waiting for a ride…

I was on a jeep back then, and I was surprised that she also saw me though the vehicle was moving quite quickly. Her smile was so bright, so full of life, so genuine,and so true. It made such an impression on this shitty thing I have for a memory. That’s a compliment by the way.

I dated her once about three years ago. We were still studying way back then.  It took me a few attempts to make her say yes. But, eventually, we went out to see a movie… We never went out again after that. We simply grew apart.

This dream was about her.

The ambiance was exquisite. Just like how I would imagine fine-dining on a luxury liner like the Titanic. Chandeliers glistened above, a quartet played a familiar piece on the corner, and wine poured generously around me.  It took me a while before I realize that this was no ship, but rather, a very huge luxury train!

Smoke was clearly visible outside through the window across the room. I could feel the slight vibration on my feet now quite worried that the wine could easily topple over if the train suddenly stopped. But something much more interesting caught my eye.

I was seated with some people on a round table, maybe good for six people. However, I only recognized one of them. We were wearing business casual clothes that time, but she was wearing a simple pink shirt.  Her simple clothes didn’t stop her from looking awesome though. She was obviously with someone that night, and she was laughing and smiling all the time. Though she was right next to me, on my right, she didn’t talk to me even once. I caught her eye once in a while, but she was too busy entertaining her guest.

The meal ended and I went outside for some air, thinking that maybe they needed some time alone. I went through the lower deck of the train, (it was like a huge ship, but it was really a train) and surprisingly, she was running alongside me, about a few feet away. However, it seems that she can’t see me. It was like she was floating, gliding effortlessly across the steel hull of the mechanical behemoth.

Then I suddenly found myself outside the train, leaning on the rails, looking out towards the dark sky.

She was there.

A ladder-like post was between us but I can see her well. She was smiling, as usual, but this time, she looked toward me and gestured that I come closer.

I did.

And then she whispered, “Let’s go up.”

Since I was curious and worried that she might fall, I reluctantly agreed.

We carefully went up the ladder-like post and were above 6 feet off the ground. It was so dark, but I can see her face so clearly, and the pink shirt she was wearing was gleaming in the night. She was just staring at me and shyly smiling from time to time. We embraced each other closely, making sure that no one would fall… She was so close to me.

Then, a few feet away, I saw someone looking much like her. In fact, it looked exactly like her. She came towards us, and climbed up on our post as well. The other girl asked permission if she could stay with us. The funny thing was, we both ignored her. She looked so similar to the one I’m with but she seems so different as well.

The sun was up.

Time moved so fast, we didn’t feel that it was already morning. We could see the cables dangling above us. We both laughed and agreed that it wasn’t safe for the both of us to stay there.

And then we went down again, still holding each other closely.

Then I woke up. It was 4:21 in the morning.

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2 responses

  1. Pauline Marie

    To tell you honestly, I thought the dream was something morbid it kinda scared me this morning when you texted me. I really think it was a nice dream which was kinda mysterious in some sort. I guess you still remembered when I waved, “hi!” at you infront of Don Jose heights. You should become a writer, you’re good at it. I never knew that you could write this good. Keep it up Ryan! Thanks for writing this I’ll make a copy. Take Care mwwwwwaaah! ***

    March 24, 2009 at 4:59 PM

    • Yeah! That was the last time we saw each other di ba? Thanks for the compliment… You take care too!

      March 24, 2009 at 8:46 PM

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