Online Rubik’s Timer: qqTimer

Wow! It has been a very hectic past three days for me and I do apologize for the lack of posts. I do, however, intend to fill this void forming within the speedcuber in you with a very nice online speedcubing timer: qqTimer!

Made by resident forum member qqwref, I find his timer to be very useful and uncomplicated compared to other similar widgets on the internet.  Here’s his post from the said forum:

qqTimer ( is a JavaScript timer I’ve been developing. I haven’t tried to make this timer extra-pretty, just very functional – it does tons of things that most other online timers won’t do, and doesn’t require an account to use. I’ve put some effort into making it have a lot of features; here’s a list:

– Use spacebar to start and stop the timer. The timer starts when you release spacebar and stops when you press it, so the time is very accurate.
– If you want, you can turn off timer updates, so that it will only show you the time when the timer stops.
– qqTimer allows you to optionally enter in times by keyboard.
– qqTimer has scrambles for pretty much everything I could think of (everything that was in the MegaScrambler plus a few more). Just select a scramble from the dropdown box. There are even some joke scrambles for fun  If you change the scramble type, a proper scramble length will automatically be set.
– A new scramble will appear every time you enter in a time, reset the session, or change the type or length of the scramble.
– qqTimer has optimal 2×2 and pyraminx scrambles. It might take up to a few seconds for each scramble to generate, though.
– If you got a really good time and want to save the scramble, just click “last scramble” and it will be shown. Most timers won’t do this.
– If the last time was a +2 or DNF, you can set that by clicking the buttons under the timer. To delete a time, just click on it.
– The timer will automatically calculate a session mean and average as well as the best averages of 5, 12, 100, and 1000 (although they will only appear if you have at least that many times submitted). Click on that time and the best average will be highlighted in yellow.
– It’s very small – about 32KB at the moment.
– You can actually save the file (qqTimer.html) onto your computer, and then run it anytime you want! It will even run offline, as long as you have an internet browser on your computer.

Well, there you have it. In short, it’s a highly functional timer that will run offline and that can generate more types of scrambles than anything else. At the very least, I think it’s worth checking out 

As you can see, it was very well thought out and optimized for speedcubing enthusiasts all over the world. It is my favorite by far in terms of simplicity and functionality. Though it does not score high on my aesthetics bar, it does deliver what it promises to do.

I will feature some other timers you might like over the weekend so make sure that you subscribe via RSS, e-mail or simply bookmark this site for more speedcubing goodness. Happy cubing!

Tell me what you think!

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