cube review: black DIY type A cube

I got this cube around last year for about a few hundred bucks from the famous cube-seller Sir Venom from the PCA forum .  It came disassembled in clear plastic packaging.  PVC stickers provided by the site was also included, though it has more rounded corners than Cubesmith Stickers. It was fairly decent, however some sticker sheets were slightly damaged/ bubbled.

I replaced the stickers with Cubesmith Rubik’s Studio (Color scheme) Set. This one had the classic Yellow core and was smooth out-of-the-box. After doing proper set-up, here are the results:


  • fairly smooth
  • awesome cutting corner ability
  • a very good speedcube
  • reacts well to Silicone
  • rarely pops


  • a little resistant than the previous versions
  • a bit expensive

Over-all Score:

This cube is very nice for speedsolving and you could easily average well below 20’s on this one. However, the one I got was too resistant a.k.a has too much friction between the plastic surfaces. I could’ve opted for lesser friction because I tend to under rotate with this kind of stiffness. Don’t be rattled by this fact though, some users prefer this “feel”.  You might need to get hold of Cubesmith stickers first rather than using the one it came with. And make sure that it’s broken in pretty well before doing and lubrication or pre-tooling.


If you can get a hold of it, try it out. You might like the way how this cube feels and turns. One of the best in terms of cutting corners and less popping. Very nice cube over-all.

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