The Close(Not really)-But-No-Cigar Speech

This year, this blog was nominated at the Philippine Blog Awards for the Best Hobby & Recreation Blog category. Yes, just one nomination and I didn’t even get to be a Finalist. Well, I have to admit I wasn’t being my usual blogger self these past two turbulent weeks and I sort of forgot that I had to consistently keep the quality just to have a fighting chance to be on the short list.

Nonetheless, I still would like to thank a few people who made this blog a joy to write:

  • to my brother, Ralph, who literally bugged me to start a blog. He really believed that I shouldn’t waste my love for writing and I’m glad I listened.
  • to my good friend MJ, for being one of my biggest fans! (and for nominating me as well!)
  • to my Mom for patiently waiting me to finish every time.
  • to the Philippine Cubers Association for letting me lurk on every competition and not kicking me out of the venue.
  • to all the Pinoy Cubers whom I got some of the puzzles I feature from time-to-time.
  • YouTube cubers: badmephisto, frk17, ErikLimeback, Pestvic, Thrawst and more for providing kick-ass tutorials to the noobs that we are.
  • to the rest of my family who doesn’t even know and read what I’m writing about. =P
  • the Philippine Blog Awards 2009 organizers, for their tireless efforts of uplifting the Pinoy blogging community.
  • the actual Finalists who made it this year, I salute you guys!
  • And of course,to all my readers. Yes, to the three of you reading this right now. Thank you!

I must say I had a pretty good run this year and I sincerely hope I can be a much better writer for you guys (and gals). Reading back from my very first posts, I must say, I’m gearing towards the right direction of making bigger and better write-ups. I may not be as funny as hell as those other guys, nor the best in taking the most breath-taking photos but I’m aiming to grab those awards next year! So watch out!

Once again, kudos to all the Filipino bloggers and see you again next season! A better and hopefully a year more of posts from a cuber’s point-of-view.

Thank you!


One response

  1. ok lang yan dude. it’s a great achievement pa rin.

    btw, do you have news about Durben Joun Virtucio? i heard 2nd place siya sa 2009 Rubiks World Championship sa Dusseldorf, Germany. Youngest world title holder daw siya at age 12. try mo nga sumali sa mga ganong competition…

    October 13, 2009 at 11:31 AM

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