YouTube user BADMEPHISTO is asking for our help!

Watch his most recent video for more details:

As you can see, he is definitely right. About a year ago, when I just got my very first store-bought cube, Pogobat’s video was on the top of the search list. With around 9 million views at that time, I thought his video was the best in YouTube! Darn, was I wrong!

12 Million views for a method that stinks? Really?!

12 Million views for a method that stinks? Really?!

I tried solving my cube using his method and I think I solved it in about 30 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, you might be thinking something like “You solved it in 30 minutes from a YouTube video, what are you complaining about?”.

Well, it was the only time I solved the cube the following hour. It was very confusing and not to mention, very fast. It might be a very slow tutorial if I would watch the video now at an inconsistent 20 seconds average. But from a beginner’s point of view, it would be very frustrating. I did everything I can: printed out the algorithms on his video description, downloaded the video and uploaded it unto my iPod. After a week of trying out his method, frustration started setting in and I felt that there was a much faster or at least  a simpler way to solve a Rubik’s Cube.

The usual comments on Pogobat's Video.

I found several tutorials from various YouTube cubers such as Thrawst, Rob Heiss, Rowe Hessler, PestVic and so many more. It took me a few more days to realize that most cubers offering these kind of tutorials are either rushing to explain their method or has a simpler method but is weakly explained. It was then that I discovered BADMEPHISTO’s channel.

He explains methods and techniques without a single hint of haste nor inadequacy. He got his beginner’s method down  and it is very evident in his videos that he is concerned about what his viewers might be thinking. His explanations are very clear and gives very good, easy-to-follow examples of solving the most famous toy in the world.

Aside from being a very good teacher, his method is the easiest to learn and makes the transition to a faster method like the Fridrich F2L surprisingly much, much simpler. Most of the tutorials do not take this into account and just teaches you ‘their‘ method of solving the cube.

As a testament on how easy and fast is it to learn his method, I’ve been teaching a lot of people how to solve the Rubik’s Cube using badmeph’s instructions. I would usually give them a copy of the algorithms he uses with simple illustrations just like his video for reference. Then, I would just teach them how to read the notation like R, R’, f and so on. Surprisingly, it usually just takes them around 20 minutes to learn the Layer-by- Layer Method. Yes, it’s only 10 minutes faster but without the FRUSTRATION than my first tutorial with Pogobat’s video.

Now, what I ask of you guys is to help him with his plight of at least making it to the top 3 search results by either rating his video or actually learning his method and sharing the link with others.

Again, please check out this link and rate the video. Now, we begin our quest for better tutorials! ‘Till next time!

Badmephisto’s Website

Badmephisto’s YouTube Channel

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