RCPO 2009 Day 1 Coverage

I just got home a few hours ago from the much awaited Rubik’s Cube Philippine Open 2009, held at the Robinson’s Midtown Center in Ermita. Though I arrived late due to unexpected weather changes, I managed to get there in time to witness the start of the Megaminx Competition. The competition was a blast! A lot of competitors showed up with high spirits but when the time their called, the sheer concentration and focus is very evident the moment they pick up their puzzles. I only was able to stay there for a couple of hours, talked with a couple of familiar cubers I met in the past a snap a few shots of the Pinoy Speedcubers in action. A few favorites such as Jan Jerome Bautista, JB Cañares, Durben Virtucio, and Kevin Sapo were noticeably absent from the competition. However, a lot of new faces and some foreign competitors also graced the stage like Piti Pichedpan from Thailand. (He is currently top 27 in the world rankings.) Kudos to the PCA community!

The competition area from above.

The competition area from above.

For those who wasn’t able to come today, you can still check out Day 2 of the competition. Though most standard events will already have their respective Final Rounds tomorrow, there are still some side events you can join such as the:  3×3 Multi-Blindfolded, Team Solve, 4×4 Blindfolded, Solving with Feet, Rubik’s Mirror Blocks and the newest puzzle: the Rubik’s 360. Check out this post for more info. I won’t be able to come back tomorrow due to my peculiarly busy schedule until Tuesday. Congratulations to the Philippine cubing community!

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