Rubik’s Cube Vs. Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt, the fastest runner in the world, just smashed the World Record for the 100-Meter Dash on the recent World Championships in Berlin clocking in at an amazing 9.58 seconds!

Then it struck me, how would that compare with someone who can solve a Standard Rubik’s Cube clocking around those times? Hmm.. And I was just browsing YouTube and someone already beat me to it. I guess I should say that great minds think alike! Here’s the clip from username jesszus:

Amazingly, Usain Bolt still managed to beat our buddy jesszus, who solved the entire cube at 9.62 seconds. Just a few milliseconds shy of beating the fastest man alive. Not too shabby at all. Great job!

Think you can beat Usain Bolt? Tell me what you think!

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