Rubik’s Cube Blindfold Cubing World Record: 35.96 Seconds!

Haiyan Zhuang, a speedcuber from China, just broke the Blindfold Cubing World Record (WR) at the Beijing Open 2009 clocking in at 35.96 seconds. Yes, you read it right: THIRTY FIVE point NINETY SIX SECONDS. Beating his the previous (and his own) world record (45.55 sec) by nearly ten seconds faster. If you’re in so much disbelief over this news (just like me) , check out the video below uploaded by username cts2906 last August 16, 2009.

He finished inspection at around 12.30 + seconds and started solving using a Freestyle method in solving the Rubik’s Cube blindfolded. With only about 23+ seconds of actual solving time (the official time includes the inspection time plus the actual solve), he left the competition with an insane and very ridiculous World Record.

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