Eastsheen 2×2 Siamese Cubes

Pinay Niqabi and I had been friends since our old staff nurse days about three years ago. We were part of the younger generation of nurses and aptly call ourselves the “Juniors“. Many has changed: she is now working abroad still as a nurse with another female friend of mine; while I am just bumming around, typing on this stupid keyboard. Big difference huh?  LOL!

One thing did not change though, we still keep in touch with each other through our sites and help each other out. I got news a few months back that she got me a memorabilia from the Middle East she picked up while out shopping. I was so surprised that someone still remembers and actually got me a trinket!

Thank you!

Thank you!

I met up with her mom yesterday around noon to pick up the package, just before I watched the  G.I. Joe Movie. Just a few minutes after 1 P.M. , I was a little embarrassed to be  a bit late due to traffic build-up, but she was very gracious and kind that she didn’t mind at all. She was all smiles when she handed me the white package. We talked a bit and she told me how she recognized me from our pictures. Odd, I thought. That was the second time someone recognized me from a photo.

Anyway, I won’t get into much detail regarding these puzzles since it’s obvious that it was not meant to be used for speedsolving. A bit smaller than the original Rubik’s 2×2 Pocket Cube, and actually quite stiff in comparison. I was just wondering why the “Double Cube” was easier to turn than the “Quadruple Cube” since the “cubelets” used in both products were similar. (The reason why I wasn’t able to solve the two middle cubes.) The Double Cube also has this extra piece sticking out of the WBR corner for the key-chain accessory.

Again, thank you so much Pinay Niqabi for these awesome gifts! Check out her site here.

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