Nike Blazer GS – Rubik’s Cube

I want one!

Shoes rarely catch my attention nowadays. Sure, they make your feet all comfy at every terrain imaginable to man, make you look good or even show your riches through a pair of designer pumps. But this one took my breath away! Call me geeky, I won’t even flinch. Just make sure that your ready when Imperial Stormtroopers bust your door open at the middle of your mediocre past-time you humans call “sleep.”

Nike Blazer GS Rubiks Cube

Nike Blazer GS Rubik's Cube

Releases as a GS model only the Blazer has an upper which features completed lines on the Rubiks Cube in all the colors you would find on the puzzle such as red, white, blue, yellow and green. The toe, tongue, lace panel, heel tab and sole unit were left 100% black. Kids, and possibly some ladies with smaller feet can watch for the Rubik’s Cube Nike Blazer (GS) to hit retailers within the coming weeks.

This was posted way back in April 2009 but I haven’t seen this shoe anywhere! Has anyone seen this model anywhere in Southeast Asia specially here in the Philippines? Radio back information and you shall be rewarded by Lord Vader himself! Over and out… (Kzzzttt!)


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