Philippine Blog Awards 2009

I opened my e-mail just a few minutes ago and found a single mail in my inbox. The sender address read: PBA09 (no-reply).

WTH?! I’ve been getting a lot of spam messages lately.” I told myself.

However, the subject line said: ” PBA09: You have been recommended!” Gee. PBA? The Philippine Basketball Association? Seriously? I haven’t watched a single PBA game since the Alaska- Ginebra Glory Days! What is it about this time?

It turns out to be a nomination to this:

Wow! A very good friend of mine actually nominated me for this year’s Philippine Blog Awards! (Oh! That PBA.) It prompted me to fill out a nomination form, requiring me to post a small banner on my home page and confirm ownership of this site. Awesome.

Check out the cool banner just below my blog stats! Oh and by the way, I didn’t have an idea that such exists! Here are some bits of useful info from their site:

Nomination Period is from July 8 until August 13, 2009 at 11:59 PM Manila time.

To nominate start here.

Other important links:

Awards:  Main Categories

Awards:  Special Awards/ Special Categories

Eligibility & Guidelines

Nomination Process: How to Join

Criteria for Judging

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

One more thing, I was quite confused when I was completing the form on what category my blog belongs to:

1. Technology
2. Travel
3. Entertainment
4. Personal(Diarist/JournaL)
5. Food & Beverage
6. Family & Living
7. News & Media
8. Business
9. Sports
10. Hobby & Recreation
11. Fashion
12. Photoblog
13. Culture and Arts
14. Commentary
15. Videocast
16. Podcast
17. Humor
18. Games Blog
19. Advocacy
20. Beauty

After a few minutes of pondering, I opted to choose the Hobby and Recreation Category since I usually feature my favorite past times namely: photography, speedcubing, reading books and watching movies above all others.

You can nominate your own site or others you think are worthy of recognition. But before you do so, here are the conditions for joining:

A blog / blog post / blogger in order to be considered should satisfy the following conditions.

1. It must be Filipino owned

2. It should not be a blog that belongs to a publishing or media groups.

3. Blogs that focuses on the Filipino and the Philippines (ie Filipiniana) can join the Foreign Blog category.

4. For the Best Blog Division: The blog must have been established before June 1, 2009.

5. For the Special Awards Division: The nominee and blog for the award must at least have been established, introduced, and blogging before June 1, 2009.

6. For the Top Ten Post for 2009(Now part of the Special Awards Division): The post/videocast/podcast must have been been published before June 1, 2009. Only one post per blog can be submitted.

7. Submitted blogs and post should contain the necessary authorization to use the images, audio, text and other content.

8. Philippine Blog Awards Founders, officers and members of the Philippine Blog Awards Board of Directors, their blogs, blog projects, posts, videocasts, photos and podcats they worked on are automatically disqualified from being nominated.

I hope I win! Keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. i hope to be able to read more stories of your travels and adventures. keep sharing 😉

    May 11, 2010 at 8:13 AM

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