Marit Larsen’s If A Song Could Get Me You Video

Marit Larsen just released her newest music video for the song ‘If A Song Could Get Me You‘.  The Norwegian singer and songwriter shows us how creative she can get when making music videos. Whether she becomes an angel, a rocker, a Blues artist or just being herself, there’s no doubt that she has bloomed to her fullest potential since her M2M days. Here’s the video, from her second album, The Chase.

And since you have been very loyal readers to my very own site, here’s a bonus “Making the Video” clip hosted my Marit herself! Enjoy!


Did you know that the album, The Chase, where this song came from  was Norway’s #1 (Platinum) Album for 2008?

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Go Marit!
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One response

  1. For a period of time, I played drums with Marit. Read my story with the band, see rare video, pics and more on my website.

    March 2, 2010 at 7:56 AM

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