cube review: black East Sheen 4×4 cube

I also got this cube around last year for about a few hundred bucks from a National Bookstore Branch in Robinson’s Fairview .  It was fairly hard to get hold of this particular cube during the height of the cubing hype in the Philippines and I scoured every mall I visited. It was always “out-of-stock” but after a few months of searching, the demand eased off and I was able to buy one. It came assembled in hard but clear plastic packaging and the color scheme was a bit different than the Standard: Orange was replaced by Purple. There’s also a paper insert inside the package containing instructions on how to re-assemble this cube. Yes, it’s really a ‘puzzle’ once you disassemble it!

I didn’t replace the sticker  it came with (PET Stickers).  After doing proper set-up (lubrication and tension-setting only, no sanding), here are the results:


  • smooth out of the box
  • has very little resistance while turning
  • reacts very well to Silicone
  • rarely pops
  • cheaper than the 4×4 Rubik’s brand


  • the Purple Color Scheme could be distracting
  • No cutting corner ability
  • PET stickers should be replaced immediately
  • a bit difficult to assemble (if you somehow disassembled it)

Over-all Score:

This cube is very nice for speedsolving right out of the box! However, my playing style was affected with it’s inability to cut corners. It also tends to lock-up if you are not used to align the cubies precisely.  Don’t be rattled by this fact though, some users prefer this “feel”.  You might need to get hold of Cubesmith stickers first rather than using the one it came with.


Very nice cube over-all. Haven’t tried the Mefferts version so I cannot really compare both cubes. However, before the Mefferts clone came out and the only rival was the original Professor’s cube, there was no doubt that this was the best 4×4 in the market!

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