Four Look Last Layer

I’ve always wanted to make one like this ever since I started cubing. Sure, there are tons of other cubers who posted similar resources like this but none fit all of my needs. I wanted mine to fit one page, be very user-friendly,and more importantly, features the algs I’m currently using. Again, there are other faster or alternate algorithms for each case but this are the ones I find to be the most newbie friendly.

What is the Four Look Last Layer?

The Four Look Last Layer is a beginner’s method for the Fridrich Method of solving the last layer. As opposed to learning 57 OLL’s and 21 PLL’s, the method is “simplified” by using only a few algorithms (in which some are even altered) in an effort to significantly reduce the number needed to be learned.

My criteria for the algs featured here are:  must be very easy to learn (by using triggers or can be very visual), can be executed very quickly, and could be the most common or most optimal solution. By learning just 6 algorithms below ( the First 3, 1st Corner Orientation Alg, 1 Corner Permutation and 1 Edge Permutation), it is guaranteed that you will be able to solve the cube with ease, provided of course that you already solved the first two layers.

Of course, the number of algs you know will also affect your solve time. So I advise that you learn all of them below, most are very easy anyway,  (and eventually try to learn all the last layer algs) and I can assure you that your times will drop well below a minute.

First, use the first step to orient the edges of the top layer to make a top “yellow cross.”

After doing so, just execute the algorithm of the respected pattern for the Corner Orientation step and this would make the top layer “oriented” or all cubies would be yellow.

Next thing you need to do is to place a solved corner on the bottom left area, then execute the algorithm for the Corner Permutation step given and this should rotate the corner cubies in a “counter clockwise” rotation, Just repeat the step again if the cubies are still in the wrong places.

Lastly, check if you have a solved edge and place them towards the back. (If there are none, don’t worry: Just execute the algorithm once and you’ll have one solved.) Execute any of the two edge permutation algorithms and this step should completely solve the cube.

Can I print it out?

Sure! Why not? Print it out, photocopy it, share it with your friends! Just don’t pass it off as your own and I’ll be really pissed. Just kidding!

Where did you get this?

I learned most of this stuff from BADMEPHISTO in YouTube from his tutorials over the months. He is the best teacher in YouTube in my opinion and you can also check out his website for more details.

Can you teach me?

No. There are tons of resources all over the world wide web regarding solving methods and tutorials and I sincerely feel that I can’t do better. Badmephisto’s tuts should be enough, I think. ^_^

You rock!

I know. LOL! =P

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3 responses

  1. actually parang nirerepel ng utak ko yang cubing hahaha…hmmm ano kaya ung secret project na yun?.. hulaan ko ur gonna move to blogspot na no?..

    June 19, 2009 at 6:37 PM

    • No, no, no! First love ang ang WordPress noh! Ahahahaha! Gagawa ako ng Blogger Account para lang masubukan… Medyo focused yung topic dun unlike dito and bawal ako magpakilala.. I’ll show you the link pag ok na… It’s already up and running na nga ngayon pero la pa laman. See you na lang in Blogger!

      June 19, 2009 at 10:57 PM

  2. inatake na naman ako ng kung ano mang dapat umatake at muntik ko ng burahin ang blogger ko hehehe… pero i decided to continue…sayang..okidowks see you there..

    June 21, 2009 at 8:05 AM

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