Cosplay Fail!

Having sworn loyalty to the New Republic, it is my duty to report anything and everything that happens on the front. No matter how gritty and icky it might be. So prepare yourselves, here are some pictures I’ve collected across the galaxy. Some are notable and noble efforts. Still, nevertheless, an epic fail. Let’s start off with Star Wars:

Maybe Princess Leia had one too many donuts at Jabba's Palace.

I thought Final Fantasy was cool? Maybe that didn’t translate well in real life.

Now I know why the hot FF franchise suddenly dissipated.

Naruto should’ve kicked their ass! Where’s shame when you need one?

Darn those countless Ramen Bowls!!!

Too bad, Rock Lee doesn't rock anymore!

Anybody can Cosplay! NOT!

Let’s try some Western Characters, shall we?

Too many adventures can really weather you down.

When vigilante justice just doesnt kick it anymore.

When vigilante justice just doesn't kick it anymore.

No wonder Spider-man isnt Number One anymore..

No wonder Spider-man isn't Number One anymore..

Let’s try one more. maybe we’ll get it right this time. Game!

Cammy, is that you?!

Cammy, is that you?!

If you have more evidence to pass to the New Republic, please feel free to do so.

You will be rewarded with authentic Jedi  lightsabers! (albeit only Photoshopped. ^_^ )

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