My Sassy Vampire?!

Jeon Ji Hyun aka Gianna Jun of the My Sassy Girl fame has a new movie coming out! It’s bloody, fast-paced and will be so awesome! She will be playing Saya, a 400-year old, katana-wielding half-vampire, half-human in the live-action adaptation of Blood The Last Vampire.  For those not in the know what this movie  is about, here’s some useful info about the cult favorite from the land of the rising sun:

The story is set in the American Yokota Air Base located in post-WWII Japan, a few months before the beginning of the Vietnam War. Its main protagonist is a girl named Saya, who hunts hematophagous bat-like creatures called chiropterans for a secret organization known as the Red Shield.

And according to the Jeon Ji Hyun community:

The Yahoo! Japan website’s Movies section is streaming the first five minutes and 27 seconds from Chris Nahon’s live-action film adaptation of the Blood: The Last Vampire anime film. Director Hiroyuki Kitakubo (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Roujin Z) and Production I.G animated the original film. In the new film, South Korea’s Jeon Ji-hyun (under her English name, Gianna Jun) plays Saya, a sword-wielding girl hunting down supernatural creatures. Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell films, Mobile Police Patlabor) conceived the original anime’s story with screenwriter Kenji Kamiyama (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Eden of The East). Chris Chow adapted the story for East Wing Holdings Corp. and SAJ’s live-action version.

Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group acquired all North American rights to the new film, and Samuel Goldwyn Films will release the film in American theaters this summer. The live-action film will open in Japan on Friday (under the title Last Blood), in the United Kingdom on June 12, and then in France on June 17. It will also open in Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and other countries in June.

Manga Entertainment released the original Blood: The Last Vampire anime film in North America, while Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is releasing the Blood+ television anime series. Viz Media published the graphic novel sequel to the first movie, and Dark Horse Comics is publishing the different Blood+ manga and text novel.

The Imperial Scouts have already reported sightings of promotional posters scattered across the Metro in the “Next Attraction” category. Though no actual showing date has been posted or announced yet, although it has been speculated that it’s due for release this coming June in Manila.

And here’s a Sneak Peek of the first five minutes of the film! Yes, five minutes of Jeon Ji Hyun goodness! Check it out!

I will post future updates or reviews regarding this film so make sure too bookmark and comeback everyday so you won’t miss it!

Now, where did I put my katana?

Kill Chiropterans!
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