No, I’m NOT a Trekkie! Urrkkk!

Yes, I’ve watched it…(You really did?)  I’ve managed to dodge the ten movies before it, but not this one!

You’re right. I’m talking about the new Star Trek movie. And no, I haven’t pledged allegiance to the Federation Star Fleet. Never! Ver… Ver… Ver…

I bet hordes of Tie Fighters are being assembled right now, the Millenium Falcon is getting prepped for Warp Speed on course for Earth and the Death Star is now locked on to my location. Aaaaaarrgghhh!!

However, before any lightsaber duels take place and several limbs get severed, hear me out!

Since there aren’t any Star Wars movie premiering anytime this year, I think it’s safe to say that Star trek is the best movie of the year!

Urrkkk! Darth Vader…. Let me finish!! (Releases Death Grip)
Mind your words boy…” (Mechanical Breathing Noise)

Yes I will. (Gulp.) The story-telling is impressive, well-written and very fast-paced. As I’ve said, I haven’t seen a single episode of the original Star Trek Series nor seen a full movie of the franchise. But still, it’s as if I didn’t need to. The story is about a delusional Romulan named Nero, who is after the Future Spock (or Spock Prime based on the film credits ^_^), whom he blames for the destruction of his home planet Romulus. Of course, unforeseen events led to one thing to another. Spock and Nero both got sucked into a Black Hole, sending them to the supposedly Present Time, a few hundred years before any planets were destroyed. Nero came out of the Black Hole first, leading to the demise of Capt. Kirk’s father. 25 years later, James Tiberius Kirk and Spock finally come face-to-face with a common enemy, bent on unleashing hell on Earth.

This led to an alternate reality (a.k.a. artistic re-hashing of a tired franchise. cough-cough!) with James Kirk being more rebellious and Spock becoming Captain of the Enterprise and not the other way around. I loved the characters specially Pavel Chekov, the Russian guy who says “Richter, Richter” in a funny manner and how he saved Kirk and sword-wielding Sulu by playing with the controls of an SNES console. (Yes, i could’ve sworn that it was an alien version of PONG!) The movie was full of surprises and lots of action every now and then, will surely keep your adrenaline pumping. The effects will surely take your breath away done the well known Star Trek style. (Yes, I’ve seen them fly around and beam a few times in my lifetime you know!)

I guess this alternate reality storyline will take the franchise to whole new heights. With a more human and flawed Kirk and Spock, audiences of new (specially the new!) and old will certainly find themselves wondering if this was really Star Trek. It wasn’t the boring, corny acting from the old series, nor the serious atmosphere the old ones seem to have gotten used to. It was like a breath of fresh air and the new cast brought something new to the table. Definitely, a classic.

JJ Abrams (Director), Roberto Orci and Alex Kirtzman (writers) did a really good job on this film and upped the ante a notch of two for any Sci-fi movie wannabe.

Now, one thing’s for sure: I want my Star Wars!!!

Trekkie or not, vote!
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