KomiKon, Bulacan Open, Two Davids, Rico Blanco and a Movie

If I can create duplicates of myself, I certainly would’ve done it yesterday!

May 16 certainly was the most “eventful” day since recent memory. (No pun intended.) You see, it was the day of the Annual KomiKon Summer Fiesta held  at the UP Bahay ng Alumni, the First Bulacan Open (a speed-solving competition), the David Cook- David Archuleta Concert, the Rico Blanco Your Universe Mall Tour and the first weekend of the recently released Dan Brown/ Ron Howard movie, “Angels and Demons” and here’s my take on it!

Using all the powers bestowed upon me by the Jedi Order, I was only able to attend three out of five major events for that day. (As if I’d really wanted to see David Archuleta! LOL!) But hell, it was worth it!

The first dilemma I encountered was which event to go to in the morning: the KomiKon or the Bulacan Open. Apparently, it was a no-brainer. Since I hadn’t had practice for the past few days due to my Sister’s birthday, the KomiKon was the optimal choice! I invited a few friends from all over but unfortunately, they weren’t able to make it. Too bad!  So it left the three of us: aLpmobs, charmz, and iamryanm, to venture forth by ourselves to the comicbook haven known as the KomiKon Summer Fiesta!

The sun was shining and the wasn’t a single rain cloud in sight as we lined up to get ourselves the “Early-Bird Freebies” for the early attendees. The hot weather didn’t deter us from our mission as we got hold of the loot: the official KomiKon fan (it was orange this time), a couple of flyers, and a Justice League poster! the ticket price was very cheap for Php 50, since you will be granted access to all sorts of merchandise, comics related or not!

There were obviously tons and tons of comics: from the international favorites such as Superman, the Justice League, etc.. up to our local indie comics! Local publications who support our very own artists also featured works such as Pugad Baboy, Kiko Machine Komix, Culture Crash, etc.

Vinyl toys, Stikfas, antiques and even used magazines were sold at random booths at the venue. Teenagers and adults were delughted when some booths who sold Chakara hats, gloves, bags, Cosplay costumes and lots of home-made and imported products from Japan. Artists also let fans take snapshots of them and sign their beloved copies for free!

There was a lot happening onstage such as the Sipa challenge, Jackstone contest, Bunong Braso Contest and even the very first KomiKon IDOL!

I took a lot of pics, and even though I didn’t finish the event since I need to get my mobile phone fixed, it was so much fun. I’m looking forward to attend the next KomiKon doing a little bit of Cosplay! What character would I play? Now that’s a secret!

Here’s the Part One of the event. Enjoy!

Patapon! Pata-pata-pon!
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