Rizal Open 2009 Results

Sorry for the delay guys, but do not fear. Here are the official results from the recently concluded Rizal Open 2009 lastMay 7 and 8,held at the Roosevelt College Systems Cainta Campus. Several New Philippine Records (NR’s)  were made at the two day event by Filipino Cubers namely Kevin Sapo for the 2×2 event and One-Handed Cubing, Leo Barcenas Jr. for the 5×5 event, Giuliano Cayetano for the Megaminx, Gian Lucero for the Pyraminx, Sandro Balad for the Square-1 puzzle, Paolo Panganiban for the Rubik’s Clock, Jonathan Papa for the 6×6 cube, and by James Sangil for the Rubik’s Magic event.

I already have the photos for the event and videos for Day 1 (I wasn’t able to attend Day2.), I’m yet to post it since I prioritized editing a couple of past “To-Do” things. So here are the official screencaps from the official WCA site.

There you go guys! Just keep on practicing and don’t hesitate to comment or ask me questions. I currently have a 23 second average, I know it’s not that fast, but, I think it’s quick enough for beginners. ^_^

Keep in mind that it’s only a few days to go before the next competition! Though I won’t make it to the Bulacan Open this May 16 since I’m going to the KomiKon Summer Fiesta. (And it’s too far!) But I hope you guys could.

Keep rocking Pinoy Cubers!

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