Lungs full of water and more…

A surprising (?) heavy rainfall suddenly erased all thoughts I had for today’s blog. AND I was excited to exercise by punching away, however, the sudden rain made us push back the clothes that was hanging outside to where I was supposed to box. Darn.

Instead, I clocked the solves I did with my Rubik’s Clock and here are the individual times:

18.25-> New Personal Best
20.91 Ave. of 12
21.04 Ave of 10 Excluding Fastest and Slowest Time

I’ve had this puzzle for a while but I rarely played with it, not until now. It’s nice to have a much better average than the one I had way back early this year. If I can keep this up or have a sub 20 average by Friday, I would definitely skip the KomiKon this Saturday and join the Bulacan Open instead. Oh, and here are some photos of me from our little swimming trip yesterday at the La Mesa Ecopark with my family.

This usually happens to me during family outings. They’ve become so used to it,

they don’t notice it anymore. LOL!

(Notice my younger sister just passing by me on the upper left portion of the pic.)

Didn’t know that you could use a Standard Rubik’s Cube as a flotation device.

(Maybe if you’re an ant.)

I fell asleep waiting for someone to rescue me.

Anyway, a lung full of pool water is a common occurence in my life.

Some additional trivia, there were around 4 lifeguards around the pool and not even one dared to check if I was conscious. I think they were more preoccupied with little kids blocking the exhaust pump. Haha!

You’re still alive? FTW!
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