what a long day!

This post will be short since I will be editing photos and vids of Day 1 of the Rizal Open, held at the Roosevelt College Campus. I wanted to join because someone, somehow convinced me to! Unfortunately, when I woke up, I discovered something horrendous! So horrible that I loathed having “it” today, of all the days!

A bug bit my right index finger. (I’m not even kidding.)

Now, it was so swollen! Darn! I know that my 23-second average won’t even get me to the Finals tomorrow but hell! I didn’t want to be a “spectator” anymore. I wanted to compete! T_T
Anyway, I still went to the darn competition wanting to see the top cubers in the country. However, disappointment still loomed in that department. I expected to see Durben Virtucio (the Philippine Record Holder) and JR (Blindfold Master), I looked everywhere but sadly, they are nowhere to be found. T_T
I got my Cebu Open shirt from Ms. Halley, and sold my Rubik’s Clock to James. I’m still glad that things somehow worked out in the end and I got home safely, amidst the heavy rains brought by the coming typhoon.

And for now, that’s all that counts.

(I hope I can write a much better post tomorrow. So tired… I try to get into more details in the following posts.)


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