rain or shine x 10

T’was a sunny afternoon today! Great! Perfect time to get some things done. ^_^

Went to Ortigas to send a package over to Negros Occidental…

Had lunch at Robinson’s Galleria…

Had my picture taken…

Renewed my license at the PRC…

And the it rained again.

The headache that followed wasn’t much of a surprise anymore. Aaaarrggh! Just after I finished all the steps to renew my license as a Registered Nurse. (What?!! You’re a nurse?!!) Yes, indeed I am.

  1. I got a form, and filled it out.
    Then glued a passport sized pic with a white background and a name tag to boot.
  2. Photocopied my old license.
  3. Went to Window 16.
  4. Paid Php 450 at the Cashier at the far end of the building.
  5. Submitted everything to Window 18, and then I got my Claim Stub.

(Sorry if I sound bored today, it’s hard to type with a pounding headache.)

Went outside, and surprise, surprise!

It was raining. Darn.

Good thing I brought my trusty black mini-umbrella. (When I said “mini”  I meant that it’s only for one person. So piss off! I’m not sharing! LOL!)

Though I’m literally suffering, I’m so glad that the day has come (after 3 years) for me to change the picture on my old license card. No, don’t say “Pffft! It’s just a picture!” Let me here you say that when this was your license:

Master Yoda had better days.

Master Yoda had better days.

I intentionally didn’t have my haircut just yet so this would be my pic for the next three years:

Still looks s#!tty eh?

Still looks s#!tty eh?

Yeah right! After three years, nothing much has changed!

Small trivia: the photo studio photoshopped this and removed the spiky things athe the side of my head, pretty much like the ones on top! LOL!

WTF? Get me out of here!
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