whacked out weather = recurrent headaches

I’m sorry if I wasn’t able post interesting stuff these past few days. I’ve been a bit under the weather lately and have been suffering (literally) from really bad recurrent headaches.  (Maybe due to the whacked out weather. It’s summer and it’s been raining like crazy!) I guess I should take care of myself more since I’m usually alone 90 % of the day. Doing almost everything around the house for the past three weeks, not exercising and issues of unhealthy eating ( I only cook boiled anything and fried anything due to time constraints aka lazy. LOL!) made its taken it’s toll on my body and I can’t even spend an hour in front of the computer without getting a nasty headache after.
So let’s go on with it shall we?

Durben Virtucio aka the Fastest Cuber in the Philippines (as of this writing), already posted videos of his solves from the recently concluded Cebu Open held last April 18. He now holds the NR’s (New Records for our country) for the 3×3 category, 4×4 category and 5×5 category. If it’s not that impressive enough, let me remind you that he is only 12 years old.

Since Mom went on vacation, I don’t watch much TV anymore and I spend most of my time online or doing some random household chore. Too bad I wasn’t able to watch this particular episode in the noontime show Wowowee hosted by Willie Revillame. In this episode, the guests are people who have very unique talents or skills (I’m not really sure about this.), and sure enough, JR the BLD (blindfold cubing) master from the Talentadong Pinoy fame and James, was really awesome showing off their skills. JR, of course did a blindfold solve and a couple of dice stacking performances and James did a 2-Handed solve at around 17 seconds and did an OH (One-Handed Solve) later. Here are the vids:

To cubers and non-cubers alike, let me invite you to the upcoming Rizal Open 2009 this May 7-8 at the Roosevelt College Systems Cainta Campus along Sumulong Highway in the heart of Cainta, Rizal. Events such as 3×3(ss), 3×3(oh), 3×3(bld), 3×3 multi-bld, 4×4×4, 5×5×5, 2×2×2, Megaminx, Pyraminx, Square1, v6, and v7 will be featured and this is a great chance to see a new record (or a World Record being broken!) being set by our fellow Pinoy Cubers.
That’s all for now. I hope I can write the way that I want to, but it’s kinda difficult when you feel  like your head is going to split open… Oh well, at least I got to go shopping at the supermarket, fitted my old type D with an old yellow core (it’s so much awesome now!) and will cook Tortang Talong later. Till then!

This is so awesome, I’ll vote!
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