Susan Boyle’s Cry Me a River Cover

Turns out YouTube superstar, Susan Boyle, made a cover of the song ‘Cry Me A River’.  The Daily Record uncovered the song released by the famed singer from the Britain’s Got Talent show. This was released in the year 1999, for a Charity CD,in which only a thousand copies were made.

But unlike Justine Timberlake’s take on this song, it was sung as a blues ballad which was perfect for the 47-year-old contestant.  According to the Daily Record:

A showbiz insider said: “This is a real coup for the Record. The whole world would have wanted to find this.

“People will be scrambling to get their hands on this CD. They will be like gold dust soon.”

It’s all a far cry from 1999, when Susan recorded her track for the charity compilation CD at Whitburn Academy, where X Factor winner Leon Jackson went to school.

The Millennium Celebration disc, which was partly funded by Whitburn Community Council, was the brainchild of local newspaper editor Eddie Anderson.

He launched a search for unsigned acts to take part. And as soon as he heard Susan at the auditions he knew he had found something special.

“I was amazed when she sang,” Eddie said. “It was probably the same reaction as everyone had last Saturday.

“Susan was exactly the same then as she is now. She has a fabulous and unique talent.”

See the original article here.

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