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Since the sun is still scorching in and out of the house, I’m sooo not in the mood to write a decent article or post today. Instead, I opted to make a new microblogging site that friends and I could really use. I’m using the new P2 theme, released a few months ago, which is really cool! You can post something in real-time and other enabled accounts/authors can instantly respond to you! It’s still in the works and I haven’t invited many people yet, but it should be up and running in a few days.

In cubing news, there isn’t much happening with my average. I barely practice and lack the same enthusiasm I had months ago. Though I already know more algorithms now, my F2L is suffering since I play only about 10 times a day! I already know 20 out of 21 the PLL‘s (I dread the Left-handed R perm, LOL) , about 20 out of 57 OLL‘s, and pretty much all the easy cases in F2L.

I still can’t solve my megaminx properly, only having it fully- solved about 5 times since I got it. Yes, I know. I suck.

Though there are a lot of upcoming speedsolving competitions in the Philippines, I don’t have any plans of participating though. No, not because I’m too lazy to do that as well. But I guess, I really need to step up and try harder at landing a job.

Oh yeah, my old friends from HMC ditched me from a company outing last Holy Week. ( I know, what you’re thinking. Yes, they can invite non-employees.) They didn’t even invite me for crying out loud! (Considering they’re one of my closest friends. ) It’s sucks right? But I guess, I shouldn’t involve myself with that company anymore…  Luckily, I made it with my Holy Week Survival Guide or could’ve been nuts already!

I still don’t have a camera to use.

I spent 3 days alone. (If you don’t count the 2 dogs, 6 cats, countless pests and annoying telemarketers.)

But I really believe things will turn out fine. ^_^

10 days to go before Armageddon (aka iamryanm‘s birthday)!

Got me a gift already?
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