100-Word Stories: You Name Them, We Write Them

On this site, just provide any title on the top of your head, and the creators would make a 100- word story out of it, as the title suggests… Cool huh?

It is so simple. You give us a title and we write a short story. A very short story, in fact, exactly 100 words.

We won’t spam you and we won’t share your email address. We just want to let you know if we publish your story.

We will write as many of your stories as we can, but we’re not machines – yet.

So here’s a sample:

Kickin’ the Gong Around

By the time he got to talk to Chuck Barris himself, Milstein was completely loaded. He cornered Barris between a wall and an antique gong Barris had picked up on a CIA mission to Mongolia.

“It’s called ‘Don’t Get Axed,’ Chucky Baby, and if they don’t got talent, you axe ‘em. The judges have these axes, real axes that they chop into a stump when they’re sick of the act. So someone can’t sing, and ‘chop!’” Each time he said “chop” he rang the gong with his finger tips. “Chop!” Gong. “Chop!” Gong. “Chop!” Gong. “I got other ideas, too.”

Title by: LaShonda Dempsey
Story by: Nick

Now, you won’t ever have to read novels! Get loads of microfiction from this site. Who knows? They might make a story out of your title

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