Summer Breakdown: A Swimming Pool Party

A very good friend of mine organizes gigs, mini-concerts and the like on various venues around the metro. And after the smash-hit success of , “Don’t Lean on the Glass” at the Dayo Bar, and here she goes again! This time, it’s a pool party! Excellent!

And here’s what she posted on her Facebook Account:

“Summer Breakdown”

(A Swimming Pool Party)

April18 @15 winston st,east fvw,qc..

music by: Makarel, BoxOfMocha, Publico, Nonsens, LittleDreamsOfRomeo, Esowel, 4th Project, All-Mid

only P150 entrance w/beer and watch gig+swim+drink+bonding! haha!

for infos: 09266410724/09086785867(criseL)

Just send a message or call the number above for more details. They even have a mini booth inside the venue, so check it out!

Parteeeey! Vote!
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