cube review: eastsheen 2×2

Since the start of the cubing craze here in the Philippines last year, I had a slight difficulty getting hold of this one. It’s not that you had to order online, need Paypal, or that shipping was hell, it’s just that it was sold out anywhere you go. Now, you can avail this at some Toy Kingdom stores and National Bookstore outlet for about Php 220-250 each.

It’s slightly larger than the 2×2 cube and has a different color scheme. Nothing major, but Purple, replacing the Orange side, could be annoying at times.


* very smooth out of the box
* cheap
* reacts very well to Silicone
* never pops


* no easily accessible screws to adjust the tension
* locks up sometimes
* there is no spring mechanism so don’t expect decent cutting corner ability

Over-all Score:
I forgot to mention, you do not need to sand this cube anymore, even lubing it with Silicone is optional! It’s really that great! It’s very good for speedsolving right out of the box. Just a few break-in solves and a little spray and you’re good to go. By the way, the stickers are PET, so you may have to replace them soon with better Cubesmith ones.

It is way better than the Rubik’s 2×2. (I think everyone agrees on this.)



There is still room for improvement. You can actually mod it to include a spring+screw+washer combo to give it a much better cutting corner ability and an awesome DIY feel.

Try it out! Highly recommended.

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