HOLY WEEK Survival Guide 1

Are you feeling lonely and left out?  (Because you’re friends and family ditched you (accidentally or not, still sucks)  on that oh-so-spectacular trip to the beach?) You’re company outing sucks and you didn’t want to go?  Or is it the other way around?! But still, you find yourself all alone…

Fear not, my Young (or Old)Padawan!   I will equip you with enough tips to survive this year’s Semana Santa or more Holy Weeks to come! (You can let go of the razor blade…=p)

TIP # 1 Food Rations!

Since most groceries and supermarkets close up during Holy Week (they’re on a vacation too, remember? Oh yeah! They left you… LOL),  it is wise to go shopping before this happens. Stock up on the bare essentials since you don’t know when they might come back. (They might enjoy the beach too much they might forget they left someone behind and stayed there for a month! )

Canned goods? Check!

Shampoo, soap, etc? Check!

Dog Food? Check! (Yeah, you have to feed them too!)

Anything you can fry? (Hotdogs, ham, eggs, tocino) Check!

TIP # 2 Movie Madness

Go to your nearest suking DVD seller or to Quiapo and buy dozens upon dozens of movies!

A good selection would be: Horror- Action- Suspense- Sci-fi- Horror- Fantasy-Korean in alternating order… Yes, I did not include Drama into the mix for obvious reasons!

Make sure that you’re getting more bang for your buck! You can buy 25-in-1 movie compilations of these for the same price of two new ones. What a bargain!

You can also get TV series Compilations even Anime Series like: Heroes, Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy, House, Bleach, Naruto… (These titles are highly recommended by our panel of judges.)

TIP # 3 Gamer’s Heaven

If you’re not the movie buff type, you can also amuse yourself by brushing off the dust from your old Gameboy or beef up the number of games you have on your PSP.

Though playing with others is much more fun, that is a luxury we do not have…(Your imaginary friend does not count.)


TIP# 4 Watch Free Anime Online

While the rest of the world is getting a higher risk of  developing skin cancer than you, you still have the right to go online. If you are still using bunny ears for your television set and “cable” for you is just a rubber cord, the internet can be your friend. (But how the hell did you find my site??)

You can watch anime shows online and even movies! Just go to and you are good to go…

There, you can find the latest episodes of your favorite anime series and watch Asian movies with a wide range of genres to choose from.  (Signing up could also give you additional perks.)


TIP # 5 Manga Galore! (While others are doing Pabasa.)

So you’ve checked out the latest episode of Naruto: Shippuden and you’re itching to know if Kakashi lives??  Do not despair! You can check out the manga version of your favorite anime on!

Again, you can check out the scanned pages of your favorite manga for free! Cool huh?

Check out PART 2!

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