i recommend: The Unborn

Mom just got a copy of this movie via our trusty door-to-door DVD guy and I was glad that she chose this. (My mom’s a horror movie fan.) We watched this last Thursday night, which was probably the reason I was almost late for training the other day, but it was worth it.

I was surprised that the horror part started early during the first few minutes of the film, which was good. I even joked that the scary part occurs at least every 3 minutes or so, just giving you enough time to regain your composure and get scared again. lol!

The plot was very straight-forward, an entity from Jewish belief called a “DYBBUK” haunts the family of Casey Beldon (Odette Yustman of Cloverfield). This demon, which existed way before our time wants a way back into our world, to be born again, hence the title. (No, I won’t be giving out spoilers.)

The acting was pretty decent, yes, some elements of the film was borrowed from other existing horror movies but who doesn’t nowadays? Before I wrote this review, I was curious what other film critics wrote about this particular film, and I was actually surprised to see that they thought it was junk! It only scored around 30% in and pretty much other similar movie review sites. They said that David Goyer (writer/ director of the Dark Knight) was not original, used to much Jewish mumbo-jumbo, the scorpions and other creepy crawlies were too common and the boy looked that it needed sleep rather than being scary. (Hello?? Horror movie?? What do you expect?)

Yes, it is true that the director borrowed elements from a lot of other movies and similar resources (again, are there any more ORIGINAL horror stories?!) but he used them well. Unlike movies who just saw up people, spurts gallons of blood and make scary-but-stupid looking ghosts/ghouls/monsters/vampires, the movie uses rather authentic basis for the creature that haunts the protagonist. (Not just because they want to kill people or have them for breakfast.)

The story-telling was good, it was fast-paced, enough to keep you on the edge of your seat and admittedly, it was the only American Horror movie that I actually enjoyed since January. American horror movies tend to stick to ideas like building up the drama for the first half and blood and gore immediately follows for the latter half. (You know the usual, we are a family/friends who gets attacked by an evil force?) I loved how David Goyer hit hard and fast in the initial sequences of the film.

There were no loopholes in the film, everything was detailed and easy to understand AND my mom was awake the whole time! (My mom tends to sleep on a movie when it’s too boring. So watch out!) The movie isn’t complicated, it was designed to do one thing, and it did it’s job well.

Scare the crap out of you!

Final Verdict:
Watch it! It’s worth your money. Despite the bad reviews, I beg to differ.

Maybe next time, I won’t read online reviews of movies because I find it funny (and irrittating as well) when these so-called critics bash a movie when they fail to see what the movie is all about. They have so much high expectations and get too technical when you just need to sit back and enjoy it! (When it should only apply to hard-hitting drama or sci-fi.) I could imagine these people, watching a certain scary scene, and just saying, “Ho-hum! Boring!” when it’s really scary! Darn! What else do you want?!

I refuse to waste any more of my day on this movie. There’s no excusing it. It’s as if the worst parts of every bad horror movie ever made were stitched together into a single turd and splattered in front of a camera. It’s terrible. I’ve warned you. I’ve done my duty. Now let’s never speak of this movie again…

Basically, if The Unborn were two degrees dumber, it’d be the funniest movie of the past seven years. As it stands, one can only watch the lunacy parade across the screen and wonder “How did the guy who co-wrote The Dark Knight think THIS was a good idea for a horror movie?” Frankly there’s not a theme, a scare, a character, or a concept in The Unborn that you haven’t already yawned through during The Messengers, One Missed Call, or just about any other (mostly PG-13) horror movie that wasn’t really made for horror fans in the first place. But what’s that? Who would make a horror movie that’s NOT for horror fans? Lots of people. And they do it every damn month.

Oh,I also noticed that when a certain “critic” says something bad or is disappointed about something, other “critics” follow suit.  Did I hit a nerve? Sheesh… So much for “originality.”

Watch it!

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    March 30, 2009 at 7:56 AM

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