cube review: blue DIY type D cube

DIY type D

I got this cube around late last year for about a hundred bucks at an Anime Specialty Store, Comic Alley.  It had a clear plastic packaging with a serial code (?) starting with a Y followed by four digits. (Yuga cubes are usually packaged this way.) It was already assembled, thus, it was not a true DIY. But nonetheless, you can pop the center caps and adjust the tension to suit your cubing style.

I replaced the stickers with Cubesmith Standard (Color scheme) Set. The original stickers was good enough to last maybe for a week or two before it gets ruined by constant practice. This one also had a black core and was smooth out-of-the-box. After doing proper set-up, here are the results:


  • very smooth
  • decent cutting corner ability
  • could be a very good speedcube
  • reacts well to Silicone
  • very cheap
  • rarely pops


  • cutting corner ability greatly reduced on tight  tension
  • screws somehow loosens over time which can be very annoying
  • core and screw might need to be replaced
  • sort of rare nowadays in the Philippines

Over-all Score:

This cube is very nice for speedsolving and you could easily average well below 20‘s on this one. However, the “unscrewing” issue really bothers me. According to speedcubing forums, there have been two types of screw sets released for the type D: the old “good” set, and the new “crappy” set. I guess this one is the latter. However, if you have a spare core + spring+ screw set lying around in your house, this could be for you. But still, it is still subject to discussion among experienced cubers.


If you can get a hold of it, try it out. If my recognition for the blue stickers wasn’t greatly reduced, I would’ve used this as one of my main cubes. Very nice cube over-all.

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