megaminx alert!

After getting another check in Ortigas yesterday, I immediately went to Sir Venom‘s (Kuya Eryx) cubing goods store in Greenhills. I think he’s the only store in the Philippines in existence that sells puzzles and speedsolving items like stickers, tiles, timers,mats, cubes and other puzzle related stuff.  Here’s his address just in case you want to get in touch with him:

Signal Telecoms,
3rd Floor V-Mall,
Greenhills Shopping Center
(at the back of Odyssey)

Anyways, I went there to get my Chinese Megaminx for about 499 bucks. It may sound pricey for non-cubers but it’s really cheaper and hassle-free than ordering it online yourself for only one puzzle. He was very nice and accomodating and when I handed him with a 500 Peso bill, I was amused that he has one Peso ready to give me for change. lol.

I gave it a few turns and I was kinda surprised that it turns quite well. He even let me try one of his new products, a black C4U DIY cube. It also turns very smoothly and I’m sure that it would be a very good speedcube specially for black cube users like me. According to him, it has a very nice core and a new, more advanced screw set. You can check it out on CUBE4YOU. Too bad, I just assembled my Yuga cube just a few weeks back and I just got used to it.

Here are some pictures of my new megaminx:

Here are some modifications I made to make it turn more smoothly with lesser lock-ups.

Use a flat, sharp object to pop out the center tile.

I also did the same process of setting up a twisty puzzle for speedsolving:

First, Sanded or scraped. (I usually use the scrape method using my eXacto knife.)

Second, Break-in. (Turned each side about a couple of hundred times. I know, it wasn’t enough. Too lazy.)

Third, Lubricated it using Cyclo Silicone Spray. (The best and only (?) Silicone Spray available in  the country.)

Lastly, Adjusted the tension. (Did my best to set an even loose tension since it has a dozen sides. A cube only has six.)

So the pictures above does not depict the actual step by step process I did over the last two days. I haven’t solved it yet after modding, since my fingers are still aching after a few hours of scraping! lol. ^_^

Can’t wait to master this one….

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