Tips series: Going to DFA

DISCLAIMER: IAMRYANM is not an employee of the Government of the Philippines nor was an employee of any government agency. IAMRYANM is not part of a conspiracy to bring down our government nor part of any leftist bulls#it. IAMRYANM is definitely not bashing the agency nor the administration about anything mentioned in this post. You agree that reading this would not hold him liable for anything under the current existing Phillipine Laws. This is merely warning our countrymen of shrewd people around certain agencies and for this one, it’s literally outside the DFA compound and not connected whatsoever with the aformentioned agency. Bow.

It was hell today. Literally.

As I said yesterday, I needed to claim my authenticated school document at the DFA office in Pasay, and yes, I was correct. It takes a dozen terminals before you get to the last one at Taft Avenue. (Actually it’s 13 counting North Ave.) And since I was already out in the urban wild, my longest procrastinated act needed attention, I also decided to stop by the PRC (Professional Regulations Commission) in Manila.

Wow, it was so out-of-way! There’s no possible single direct route from Point A to Point B. Darn. This is going to be a job for Superman! (cue:effects)

So here’s the breakdown of what I needed to do:

1. Get authenticated documents. (DFA,Pasay)

2.Request an updated board rating. (PRC,Manila)

3.Sign a project contract. (TNS, Makati)

4.Get clearance. (APAC, QC)


TIP # 1 Don’t be too nice.

I just got off a jeep and quickly walked across the street just adjacent to Chowking. It was very hot since it was around 10 in the morning and the sun was very unforgiving. When I reached the Shell Station, a guy wearing a blue, vertically-striped polo, suddenly asked me for directions. He was thin, around 30-40 years old, about 5’7″ – 5′ 9″ in height and has a dark complexion. (Sounds like a criminal eh?) He was sweating like a pig that time when he suddenly faced me. (He was just standing in the shade at the gas station.)

He asked, “Saan dito yung DFA?”. (Where’s DFA?)

Irritated by his sudden question, I still politely pointed him to the right direction, “Dun!” (There! Pointing to the left.)

Ah dun ba?” He replied.

I ignored him. Duh!

Then he suddenly said, “Ang haba na siguro ng pila ano? Tinanghali na tayo e.”  (The line must be long by now, it’s nearly noon.)

WTF?! I know this modus already! But I remained calm. I said, “Hindi manong, hindi ako kukuha ng passport. May ike-claim lang ako.”  (No sir, I won’t get a passport. I just need to claim something.)

He just nodded.

I wasn’t too surprised when he was gone even before we crossed the street! I even saw him come back to the spot where he was standing before. Die! Aarrgghhh!

Here’s a brief synopsis of what could’ve happened if I played along:

He would then take me to a nearby stall where one of the attendants (probably his acquaintance) would say, “Oh no! The lines are closed! You should come back tomorrow!” Of course, you would get frustrated coming a long way. Then out of thin air, he would suggest (either of them) that you both go to an “agency” so that they could process it for you. When all hope seems lost, you’ll just follow him/her, then they would ask for a ridiculous amount of money so that it be “rushed” for you.

Yes, all of this is true, I experienced it myself but didn’t fall for it because it would be an insult to my f***ing intelligence right?!

So if you are going there:

  • bring all the requirements you need: pictures, photocopied documents, a pen, etc.
  • DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT TALK TO STRANGERS! (especially outside the compound)
  • Go straight to the gate. Ignore everyone asking you if you need a passport, need your picture taken, etc.
  • Do not believe anything they say. Check their ID if they’re really from DFA. If they’re not? DESTROY!!
  • Check how much you should pay online.

Here are some helpful links:

Department of Foreign Affairs Website

Passport Application Guidelines: Requirements, Fees, Supporting Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

The following tips will be published on the following days since I still have a lot of unfinished tasks… (I haven’t been to APAC since I was too tired to go. )

  • Going to PRC
  • Going to Makati
  • Going to Cubao

Oh yeah, I got my documents after 2 hours and just in the nick of time!

10:00- I found the waiting room and left the claim stub on the table.

10:15- They called my name and instructed me to go to the cashier to cough up a hundred bucks for crappy service.

10:30- Got back to the room and resubmitted my documents for the ribboned document to be included.

11:43- Finally called my name. Nice.

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