Procrastination (/pɹəʊ̆ˌkɹæstɪˈneɪʃǝ̆n/) has a bad habit in kicking you in the balls when you least expect it. Oh yes, and it hits hard.

I was supposed to come back to my old university (just a jeep away) to claim my processed documents about a couple of weeks ago. Wearing a new graphic shirt from Diego and marched my way towards the Registrar’s office. Though a friend warned me about it, the person in charge gave me a slip (instead of the documents) to claim it at the Department of Foreign Affairs office. Hmmm… a dozen MRT stations before I get it? Damn.

The weather wasn’t cooperating either. It was very humid. The sun was high up (went there before noon) but it was raining a bit every now and then. There was this sort of talent show inside the quadrangle, and I could hardly hear the lady talking while she was giving me instructions. A girl sang a Mariah Carey song (maybe that’s why it was sort-of raining… bad!) and a dance group soon followed. Macarena time!

Hey, we didn’t have this before when we were studying. It was kinda rare for OLFU to hold such events since were too loaded with school stuff. Flashbacks are inevitable at this time… Darn.



The last time I spent a long time inside campus was when we reviewed for the local board examination for nurses about three years ago. Like today, it was always very hot and humid,and pearl shakes from a nearby stall was always the answer to all our problems. I remember that I always order stuff that matched my shirt, or at least the closest one to it. When I wore a Purple shirt, I would always order Ube- Macapuno flavor. Then I would parade around the room holding the gigantic shake with a grin on my face. But it was usually Chocolate or Chocolate Marble since I always wore black. Oh! That explains the heat…. Stupid me.

pimple-inducer, yikes!

pimple-inducer, yikes!

I would always hang around this girl since she was the only one I was close to even before the in-house review began. She would always bug me about eating tons of Sisig from just about anywhere she could find one. Though I loved Sisig as well, it spelled b-r-e-a-k–o-u-t’ s after a few days of continously ravaging the thing. Darn those pimple days…. But still, I’d oblige, I’d do anything to make her happy even if it means days of looking awful. Zilch.

cholesterol baby! yeah!

cholesterol baby! yeah!

That was what we had for lunch, but for breaks, usually at merienda time, the friendly neighborhood kwek-kwek slash tuknene vendor was there for us impoverished college students. For those who are not in the know, tuknene is a local street food in the Philippines wherein, quail eggs are dipped in orange colored flour mixture and then fried to perfection! (I tried my best to explain. lol.) Of course, a Gulaman drink always follows. Yum-yum!

If I didn’t have any plans for the evening, or if review finished early, it only means one thing: DOTA!!! Boom! DOTA (pronounced Do-tah) according to dotaguide is:

DOTA, short for Defense of the Ancients, is a custom map made for Warcraft III: Frozen Throne. DOTA is a team strategy where players can choose sides and his own hero. There are two sides on the games, Sentinel and Scourge. Players on the same side fight the other players on the opposing side to win the game. The objective of the games is to destroy the opponents’ base together with AI controlled units called creeps. Heroes start at level 1 and levels up to level 25. Heroes level up during the game while killing opposing heroes and creeps. Heroes gain skill when they gain additional levels. DOTA can be played as starting 1v1 up to 5v5. This could be against human players or AI controlled heroes which can be played on DOTA AI maps.

We played for hours and hours at a time and migraine would soon follow suit. I was a newbie back then (maybe until now) and a few friends patiently taught me the secrets of being a great hero at the game. Did I learn anything? Maybe. (I’m just too ashamed to admit it.)

I can’t even believe it has been three years since. Well, the last eight months passed by so quickly though…

So what memories do you have of college?

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