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I just got home from a job interview around EDSA (wish me luck guys!) and was endorsed for final interview in the wee hours of the morning. I passed all the exams and breezed through several computer-based tests.  I got there at  around 9 in the morning, and I could’ve been there earlier if I didn’t get lost. Again.  (Stupid me.)

I finished the last interview around noon and went to visit my friend in Healthway. It was just a stones’ throw anyway so it was no biggie. Too bad, it was as windy as ever. And guess what, he wasn’t even there when I got there! Aaargh! He filed a Sick Leave and didn’t even bother to tell me? (And he was the one who asked me to drop by.) Nice.

And you know me, I went around the mall again and couldn’t resist photographing stuff using my ultra-cool Moto Rockr phone. Teehee!

black wall

black wall

This wall is on the Fourth floor of the New Annex of SM North.

According to the directory, stalls and booths would soon cover the floor area once it is finished.

slanted posts

slanted posts

This one is adjacent to the dark wall facing the EDSA junction.

It creates a nice silhouette when light enters the structure.

a different take

a different take

What it looks like when you approach it from the opposite side.

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