yeah, baby!

yeah, baby!

Just got back from Ortigas to encash a couple of checks from Samerica Corp.  I took a bus from North EDSA and went straight to the Samerica office.  It was very windy and my anime inspired hairstyle was just an utter mess. The bank was only a couple of blocks from the office and with a couple of Parkour vaults here and there, I had it cashed. It was just past noon and I was getting hungry. Good thing, Robinson’s Ortigas was right smack infront of me on the way back.

There’s this toy bazaar by Toys R’ Us at the lower ground floor and parents and kids alike were swarming the make shift toy store like there was no tomorrow. Darn. I wanted to find out if they put Rubik’s Cubes on sale as well. The Php 249 price tag was a bit hefty for the quality it offers but I’d happily get one for half the price.  ^_^

Too bad,  they ain’t budging.

I got to the topmost floor and I’m getting more ravenous by the second. A quick visit to the Men’s Washroom to fix my uhmmm…. hair? (You can call it a shriveled mop now.) Then I was off to KFC!

The cashier was obviously suppressing her laugh when she saw my shirt. It was a black LimiTado shirt saying: “Di bale nang tamad; Wag lang pagod!” With a nerd defiantly punching his fist into the air. Cool!  I got a Snackbox A consisting of :Fun Shots, fries, gravy and a cold drink.



I solved it One-Handed a couple of times while munching down on my fries and Fun shots. A few people from a few tables away was pointing at me, either saying “Uy! Nag-rurubiks cube o!” or “Yung t-shirt niya o! Di bale nang tamad, di naman pagod! Ahahahaha!”.

What’s new? Though I have my iPod on, I could still hear them. Haven’t they heard of my legendary bionic ears a few posts back?! ^_^

After stuffing all of that grub down, I went around the mall, trying to look for a gift for my mom. (It’s her birthday tomorrow.) And I can’t decide between: a legendary Jedi lightsaber, cool Skullcandy Headphones or an iPhone 3G. I was also wondering if a thousand bucks could get me one of those…

a rare scene at a bus stop in Ortigas

a rare scene at a bus stop in Ortigas

I came home empty-handed, and decided to buy food na lang for tomorrows party.  Guess what, I was supposed to apply for a job tomorrow in Munoz and I wanted to come home bearing good news. Aaaarrgghhh!! Life…too… complicated….must… think…. I guess I’d postpone it for the next day. Let’s just pray that I won’t get wasted…


-Practice F2L.

-Install Photoshop CS2 and Sony Vegas.

-Learn the song.

-Say sorry.

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