my sassy memories

It’s amazing how a simple song could transport you back, years at a time, to a place, or moment that you somewhat have forgotten. The song “Canon in D minor” played on my iPod and I was pleasantly surprised that it was still there. Memories flashed back like how a movie would…  (Cue: weird sound effects) Familiar odors of smoldering banana-cue filled my nostrils, with sweat treading along my  yellowing nursing uniform. It was a pleasant sunny afternoon, not quite sure what year it was, and I was waiting outside the college grounds for someone.. I t was too darn hot and I rushed to look for shade. She reminded me so much of this song and the movie it was featured in. The long hair, pale complexion, chinky eyes and her sassy attitude always kept me on my toes. The movie “My Sassy Girl” from 2001 was very… uhmmm…  how shall I put it…ah! Nostalgic (?) for me. Too much memories, hormones, and emotions come flailing back. Starring Jeon Ji-hyun (Marry me!) and Cha Tae-hyun, was the No. 2 box office hit in the South Korean capital Seoul, and I never get tired of watching this over and over. (For the record, I’ve seen this movie a dozen times and the remake, about three times now.) Anyway, it hatched three adaptations already: a Japanese drama of the same name, the American remake last 2008 starring Elisha Cuthbert (Marry me too!) and India’s Bollywood version, Ugly Aur Pagli. Nope, I won’t write a review for this movie. Too many have been written and I think it’s obvious enough that I loved it still love it. Up to this day, nothing beats the original version’s simplicity, honesty and quirkiness. (And I’ve experienced a lot of similar experiences just like Gyeon-Woo did.) Instead, I’ll just post some trivia about the movie and some links about it. (Too much drama….can’t…write…anymore…)

  • The runaway soldier at the Girl’s birthday was mentioned before. When Gyeon-woo chased after the Girl and called her baby, he ran back to the restaurant, before he said “You call a wrong number or the dial is not in service, please call again”, the TV announced a news about the runaway soldier.

  • The Girl’s ex-boyfriend was drowned. Why? Because the Girl and Gyeon-woo’s aunt (who is also the exbf’s mother) always cry near the lake. And the Girl asked Gyeon-woo to jump into the water to show how deep it is. She pushed Gyeon-woo into the water and saved him, she was pretending to save her ex-bf. The Girl also threw her necklace into the lake.

  • The 2 men at the bar (where Gyeon-woo and the Girl ordered Golbangee and soju) who were picked by the Girl, are the deputy director of the movie and movie reporter.

  • Gyeon-woo’s handkerchief is the same as the Girl’s ex-bf’s, the only difference is Gyeon-woo’s has circular pattern and ex-bf’s has square pattern.

  • After Gyeon-woo said his “10 rules to follow”, the Girl chased him and passed him at a food stand. The man at the left of Gyeon-woo, who was drinking, is the director of the movie.

  • When Gyeon-woo was hit by the tennis ball on the face several time, he fell, saw the Girl’s panties and smiled ^_^

  • The runaway soldier first used K1A1(Korea manufactured). But in front of the merry-go-round the gun changed to M4A1 (USA manufactured) o.0

  • When Gyeon-woo first carried the Girl to the hotel, there was a piece of newspaper of the quins. The 4 of the 5 brothers showed up in the movie. 1st one is the Hotel owner. 2nd one is the Hotel check in guy. 3rd one is the gangster in Jail. 4th one is the guy next to the subway announcer. The 4 people are all played by one actor.

  • The birthday Email that Gyeon-woo got from the Girl was a flash animation not lycos Email,the address is Disk C/ My Documents. (you can see this on DVD)

  • On the Girl’s second synopsis (the martial art one), the line after the Title says: “whoever dislike this story will get bothered by ghost”

  • At the end, the Girl said: I think i met a man from the future, from your future.” That man from the future is the old guy under the tree. He is also the old Gyeon-woo from the future. Why? Remember the Girl said: “I think UFOs as time machines.” at the cafe? Watch carefully when the Girl reads Gyeon-woo’s letter under the tree, a thing flied from right to left and disappeared in the sky. It’s not just a bird it’s a UFO. The old Gyeon-woo traveled back to the past the UFO. The old man said “fate is building a bridge of chance for someone you love“. Gyeon-woo also said that line at the end of the movie.

The end.
Most of this are based on a post from a chinese forum baidu.
Credits goes to:

My Sassy Girl
Ho-Sik’s Journal from which the movie was based upon.
Watch the Movie.

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