to my neighbor’s huge german sheperd

Once again, I was minding my own business, when a dog pounced on me. Why do weird things suddenly happen to me so frequently these past few days?!

good doggie...

Going back, I was asked by my elder brother to buy snacks for meryenda around a sunny 4 pm afternoon. I was thinking a 1.5 liter Coke Zero, a few pieces of bread with cheese bits inside and around 4 Carioca sticks. I was about 20 meters north of our house when a huge dog loomed in the distance. I’ve never seen these dog before, I thought. Usually, askals loiter our streets and not pure-breeds. It like seeing a Ferrari in a neighborhood of Mitsubishi… Lol. Anyway, the dog peed in a corner, around 15 feet to my left and ran around a garden a few feet away from me. Now, I was walking slowly than before I saw the mutt. Then, the dog ran towards me, turning 180 degrees then brushing against my legs.  I have to admit, I was quite surprised. I wasn’t afraid though (we have 2 dogs and around 5 cats) because I know when a dog is about to bite the heck out of you. I was surprised that the dog was too friendly to approach a stranger like me. (Must be my good looks. LOL)

kiss me!

Bantay (don’t know the dog’s name) didn’t think that brushing against me wasn’t enough for a hello. As it circled quickly, it faced me again, dashed, then pounced me!

I didn’t budge though the dog was about the same height as me, and when it “stood up” we were face to face! Then, as fast as it came, the faster it went away. I found it cute though, I even chuckled at the dog’s gesture. (The owner was looking at a distance.) Guess what, it even left me a souvenir. How sweet. Not.

nice sig!

the dog didn't like my ratty shirt

The owner didn’t even call the dog back, apologize or even look sorry for what it’s worth. He even laughed at the incident. (Hmmm… time to call the Insensitive Neighbor’s Disposal Service) Embarrassed  at what the “horrible thing” did to my precious (not really) shirt, I abandoned my mission to get rations for my starving brothers and sister, just to get changed. It’s embarrassing enough to get pounced by a gigantic dog, get laughed at, and soil my shirt. I wouldn’t add parading the streets of our subdivision with an avant garde  “design” on my shirt.

By the way, when I went back to buy stuff, I went around the other way. And, I still love dogs. I just hate the owners.

this didn't help.

Other activities:

Reformatted my PC.

Went to Healthway to visit some friends.

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