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The amazing shopping duo (my mom and my sister) discovered a gem at a department store here in Manila. Remember those stalls at malls that put stickers/skins on your mobile devices to protect them from dust and scratches and more importantly, to make them look cool? Hell yeah! But did you remember that they charge a fortune to superficially mod your phone/ laptop/iPod???! Prices look like: Php 795 SALE! for cellphones blah blah blah! SALE??!! Are you kidding me?

Good thing, my mom found this:
china stickers
Check out the price! 20 BUCKS!!! OMG! A fraction of the price of the “real” thing! Time to get my AGILE hands busy….. So I went to same same store earlier today and got this checkered thingy design for my mobile phone. Since I’m such a nice person, if ever you found out where, here are the steps to apply them:
First, here’s what my free phone from SUN cellular looks like: Samsung dunno-what-model Phone

And here’s the back view where I’m gonna be “sticking” the skin on…. See, the back is SO scratch-resistant! (SARCASM)

Samsung dunno-what-model Phone back
Okay, first, clean up the surface of the phone you’re going to use. Then slowly but surely apply the sticker, from one end towards the other, and it should look like this:
Careful, careful!
It should look like this at the end, make sure there are no bubbles! It’s hard as hell to get them out later.
Ok, now using a blower/dryer, use the low heat setting then heat the corners of your gadget to stretch out the sticker/skin. This will eliminate those uneven edges specially for very rounded corners.
getting there nicely
Okay, now using a Xacto knife/ cutter/ whatever sharp object you have, trim the excess edges and cut out the holes for the buttons (if there are any) on the sides.
there you are...
Last step, cut the outline of the battery cover and your done!

And here’s what I did to my two other stuff: my iPod Classic 80 Gb and Motorola Rockr E6…. So cool!!

Ryan's iPodRyan's other phone

If you’ve noticed, the background is a placemat because I worked on the dining table because of  the space and better lighting…

This time, it was more complicated than the one I just showed you because both devices already has protective films and I don’t wanna throw them out. With a little ingenuity and luck, I pulled it off quite nicely. It was better than I expected and this time, with a Safari thing going on with a little edge.

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3 responses

  1. watchamaculit

    bro: ask ko lang kung san mo nabili ung skins na ginamit mo sa cellphone mo

    thanks in advance for replying.

    more power to you.!

    May 29, 2009 at 12:25 PM

    • Sa Robinson’s Novaliches Dept. Store. ^_^

      May 29, 2009 at 12:57 PM

      • watchamaculit


        May 31, 2009 at 5:00 PM

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